Thursday, September 01, 2005

Uniting In Times Of Crisis

In the Tribune this morning I read a letter to the editor from Oren M. Spiegler that talked about the unity of politicians over the Hurricane Katrina disaster. He wondered how long this unity will last and answered himself by saying only until the "crisis fades from sight." Then he asks why it is only destruction and casualties can bring us together.

This kind of opining is silly. Thank goodness in times of crisis our politicians can come together for the general good. During times of prosperity, or even general wellness, these are the times we should be disagreeing and trying to point out a better way to do things or why we feel our way is a better way. We don't have time for disagreement, or at least partisanship, during times of crisis. We need to get help to the people devastated by the hurricane and we need to do it now. By uniting, the politicians can more quickly and effectively help. But during good times, we should be fighting for the change we believe in. Democrats and Republicans, Catholics and Jews, men and women, all should be trying to help in a disaster, side by side regardless of their backgrounds. When the crisis is averted is exactly the time to fight for the change you believe in. If not then, when will you fight for your rights and beliefs?

I can't help but feel proud that I live in the U.S., where we can come together to help others in need, despite our differences. You need only to look at a country like Iraq where the people can't or won't come together to help all of their citizens have a chance at a free and good life.

If you would like to help, go to the Red Cross and donate now.

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