Friday, September 23, 2005

The Princess

Emma is obsessed with anything princess. She's only three, but it has become a large part of her imaginary playtime. For her birthday this year (in August) my mom got her a gorgeous Cinderella dress with matching "glass" slippers. Emma was in heaven.

Fast forward to two mornings ago. As I pulled back the shower curtain to get my towel and dry off, Zoe is standing in the bathroom holding the Cinderella dress. As soon as she sees me she starts shoving the dress into my hands. She wants to put the dress on and she wants me to help. I manage to fend her off until at least I can get my bra and underpants on. (My kids see me like this all the time, not by my choice, but it's what happens when you have kids.) I get her into my bedroom and help her put the big blue dress on over her clothes. She is simply delighted. She heads into the hallway at which time I immediately run for the camera and snap some photos.

Brendan, I think we may have two princesses on our hands!

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