Friday, September 30, 2005

Funny Things My Kids Say

These are a few of the funny things that have come out of my kids' mouths lately.

Emma was playing with her Princess Leappad book (a talking book). She touched Snow White with the pen prompting Snow White to ask, "What's your name?"
Emma aswered, "Emma."
Snow White responded, "Oh, that's a pretty name."
And Emma said, "Yes it is."

While watching the beginning of the movie Sleeping Beauty, where the princess is just a baby, Emma blurted out, "I'm not seeing enough Sleeping Beauty!"

While driving Brendan to the train station today (with all three kids in tow), we passed a vehicle with a magnetic ribbon I had never seen before. It looked spotted, but turned out to be camouflage. I asked Brendan what it said. He answered, "Support Our Troops." Ian, in the back seat heard this, but comprehended it a little differently. His take? "What are Supporter Troops? Are they like Clone Troopers?"

Emma, upon returning from taking Ian from school, took off her own shoes. She then declared, "I want my socks on today because I'm a big girl."

Zoe walked in on Ian after he had used the bathroom, but before he had a chance to pull up his pants. She noticed his penis and pointed to it. Ian tells her loudly, "Don't touch it! Don't touch it! It's my secret weapon for peeing."

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