Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A New Responsibility

So, now that my kids are self sufficient (or at least the husband can feed them and put them to bed without me), I've decided to get more involved with Ian's school. I went to the first Home and School meeting (PTA) and discovered that the only people who go to these meetings are people on the "board" (although anyone is welcome to come). They had three positions still unfilled, and I listened as they described each job. I didn't commit to anything that night, but thought about it and decided I could handle the Room Parent Coordinator job. It seemed like the least involved, and something relatively easy to get my feet wet in the world of volunteering for the school. Also, the job had already been well started by the current Room Parent Coordinator, Ann, because she volunteered for the job last year. The only reason she couldn't continue with it is that her husband got transferred to Texas and they are moving at the end of September.

Now, I am a very hard worker if given work to do and will volunteer to help out in any way I can for many things. I am not, however, a great organizer. I want to be. I want to be organized so badly, but I never seem to get there. I'll make progress in one part of my life, only to have another part of my life be stacked and cluttered on my dresser. That was another reason I wanted an easy job to head up. I don't want to screw up and cause problems for the teachers and room moms who are running the show in the classrooms. I've never even been a room parent. Too difficult to get into run a party for sixteen first graders with an 18 month old and three year old clinging to each one of my legs. But now I'm the Room Parent Coordinator. I'm trying to be organized with this job. I've got a nice big blue binder with tabs for different paperwork and I've even sent out my first batch of Bingo postcards to the seventh grade room mom. But, I'm a procrastinator, and I already see it rearing it's ugly head. I have my list of things I need to do, and I'm happy if I get one or two done and done at least a day ahead of time. I have no doubt that I can do this, but it's not my strong suit.

I guess I'll have to make a new stack on my dresser for my Room Parent Coordinator materials and just do it.

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